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Contest I- Story Writing ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Do you dream of aliens? Have you created a sci-fi story in your head where humans inhabit Mars? Maybe you have a story set in 2070 with robots as the protagonist or dreamed that a computer ate you. OMG! Anything can happen in the world of stories.

Interested! Shout out to every child in the world, Go ahead, write the craziest sci-fi story in the backdrop of ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

What’s the prize? Every winner receives our book with their published story in it. That means you become a WRITER!!!!!!

That’s not it. Winners of our contests transcend as RIEDU’s YOUNG EDITORS, a prestigious tag to own. As Young Editor, children from across the globe in the age group of 8-15 years participate in our 20 weeks ‘YOUNG EDITORS PROGRAM’ and work with us as part of the Editorial Board to create the next volume, gaining first-hand experience of creating & curating our theme-based book formulated from UN SDG 4.7.

Contest I- Story Writing


Age: 8 – 15 years (Both Inclusive)

Theme: Artificial Intelligence

Word Limit: (Exclusive of Heading)– Maximum 1000 words

Contest Closes on 15th November 2020

Terms & Conditions:

i) Like & Follow RIEDU Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn page for contest announcement, updates & results

ii) Mail entries to & Write the subject as ‘Contest I – Story Writing: Artificial Intelligence’

iii) Submit the name, age, class, state/country, gender, disability (if any), hobbies & photo of the young participant along with the entry.

iv) The story should be submitted in a word file along with a photo of the handwritten piece in the child’s handwriting.

v) We require an undertaking by the parent/ guardian stating that the story is an unpublished & original work of the participant. In case the story is inspired, reference of the source must be mentioned.

vi) Only scanned photos will be accepted.

vii) PLAGIARISM WILL BE CHECKED & IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We recognize the originality of a child’s thought, value the creative imagination more than perfection. In case the story is inspired, the reference to the source must be mentioned.

viii) All the entries will be the property of RIEDU once submitted.

ix) Winners of The Marshmallow Issue I, II & Young Editors Batch I & II are not allowed to participate in the contest. If you have participated earlier & not won, go ahead, you can participate in as many. Only winners are debarred.

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