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Welcome to RIEDU

Education Is a Human Right.

It is the most powerful force to stimulate growth, development, harmony and peace so as to build a more resilient and sustainable societies in the twenty first century. Twenty first century is the century of change. Education must as well encompass the change. It must no longer be restricted to formal education. RIEDU is an initiative to help build an inclusive society using research & innovation in education to achieve the true potential of education.

Who We Are

RIEDU is a Research-based Organisation

RIEDU is a research-based organisation based upon the fundamentals of Inclusive education (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education).RIEDU is an Educational Quest to:

  • Redefine, rediscover & reinvent the purpose of education
  • Recreate society based upon compassion, inclusiveness & peace using education
  • Create global sustainable societies that respect and celebrate diversity & humanity.

What We Do

We work in three broad areas:

  • Through the various research projects we undertake, RIEDU works towards social & cultural inclusion for the development of peaceful sustainable societies using inclusive education as a tool.
    RIEDU has been working with the disadvantaged section of the society be it children with special needs, children belonging to economic weaker sections, girl child and children belonging to backward classes and marginalized sections.
  • RIEDU’s Newsletter Moral Compass is an initiative to create a link between policymakers, teachers, parents and students. Moral Compass shall have debates and discussions regarding various policies, interviews of eminent educationists, generating awareness towards Government’s education policies.
  • RIEDU believes in nurturing the young impressionable minds to develop into humane beings. Hence, we have introduced world’s first research based children’s magazine: The Marshmallow based upon The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4.7: which caters to the moral and humane purpose of education.

Why We Do

We live in Twenty- First Century the Era of Globalisation, the Era of Technological Revolution, also the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Despite being the most advanced human race till date yet our hearts have shrunk, minds have become narrow and Intellect too biased. The world is divided. Hence, less tolerance, inequality, violence leading to strained relations between different continents, countries, races, religion, languages, caste and region; the only ray of hope is Education

It is important to understand at this juncture; what is the purpose of Education? In true sense education isn’t the qualification one acquires. Education is the love for life-long learning, Education is loving knowledge, Education is the open-mindedness, Education is an evolved heart and soul that understands and empathises with one and all, Education is loving man and mankind, Education is a medium to work towards the betterment of society.




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