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About Us

At Research & Innovation in Education (RIEDU) we believe in:

Education for all & all for education
Education that believes in equity & equality
Education that respects and welcomes diversity and diversity
Education that nurtures curiosity & creativity
Education that inculcates the moral and humane values
Education that inculcates compassion, inclusivness & peace

Our Vision

Our Vision is ‘to rediscover the purpose of education to create an inclusive society that respects, welcomes and celebrates diversity as well as humanity’.

Our Mission

To create an inclusive society of equity and equality using research & innovation in education as tools.

Our Preamble

We, at RIEDU pledge to:
create a world of inclusion,
where ‘All’ are provided education,
an education that empowers humanity.

RIEDU is a quest to resolve the following Why’s in society:

  • Why should any child remain devoid of education?
  • Why shouldn’t education reach out to the marginalised sections that have been excluded from mainstream education system since ages?
  • Why shouldn’t education be inclusive?
  • Why shouldn’t society be inclusive using inclusive education as the medium?
  • Why should education be restricted to formal setting?
  • Why should education signify the degrees one earns?
  • Why shouldn’t education help in nurturing humane beings?
  • Why don’t we work towards attaining the true purpose of education - to become self- sufficient, self-disciplined, self-restrained, self-managed, self-learned, self-valuated and self-empowered?

Our Collaborators

Mothers Touch School

Mother's Touch School is dedicated to encouraging a lifelong love of learning among children. The school provides an unprecedented daily experience to each child that uses a scaffolding approach to learning. They emphasize a hands-on approach to learning where children develop the skills needed to think critically and creatively. Daily, the school builds upon their students’ skills to become socially, emotionally and intellectually confident. Mother’s Touch School and RIEDU shares common values in preparing today’s young children and tomorrow’s youth, as global citizens who acknowledge, respect and welcome diversity thus building an inclusive society.

Storee Ki Boree

Storee ki Boree is a renowned Children’s Theatre Group based in New Delhi. The team is creative to conceptualize, design and direct concepts that help children learn life skills, strengthen their cognitive thinking skills using storytelling, music, theatre and activity-based learning. Ram Lila, Ali Baba and forty thieves, the Grinch, Story Holi Ki are very popular amongst parents and children alike. Their expertise lies in performing traditional stories, folktales and myths for the children and by the children. RIEDU & Storee ki Boree have collaborated to publish the world’s first research-based children’s magazine, The Marshmallow; based upon United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.7 which incorporates the moral and humane purpose of education.

Aristos Erevna Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Aristos Everne in Greek means ‘Best Research’. It is recognised as a leading data collection and analytics company since last fifteen years. It has a reputation of being one of the best analytics providers for education and research. It expertises in handling complex market research projects across the globe. The collaboration of RIEDU and Aritos Everna strengthens our research analytics.


yes4us has been created to support environment sustainability- focusing on some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - 7, 12, 13, 14 and 15. The aim is to make youth of today more responsible towards a better future for all of us. Hence, the name yes4us - ‘Youth Environment Sustainability For Us’! The vision is to offer professional trainings, a progressive learning path and a reward point system to ensure continuous motivation and engagement. The platform is intended to transform awareness into impactful actions in daily life. RIEDU shares the pertinent issues raised by yes4us and believes Education is the most powerful tool of social change. yes4us and RIEDU join hands to work together towards social inclusion thus, creating an environment-friendly sustainable society through education.

Advisory Council

Team RIEDU is indebted to its amazing mentors, guide & experts who have lovingly supported & blessed us throughout.

Prof. BK Pattanaik

Professor, School of Extension & Development Studies (SOEDS), IGNOU. New Delhi

Dr. Sandeep Berwal

Professor and Chairperson, Deptt. Of Education CRS University, Jind. Haryana

Dr. Nehal A. Farooquee

Professor, School of Extension & Development Studies (SOEDS), IGNOU. New Delhi

Dr. Usha Sharma

Professor, Department of Elementary Education (DEE), NCERT. New Delhi

Prof. Vandana Saxena

Professor, Central Institute of Education (CIE), University of Delhi.

Dr. Bharti Kaushik

Associate Professor, Department of Education od Groups with Special Needs (DEGSN), NCERT. New Delhi

Dr. Shobhit Wadhwa

Associate Professor, Amity College of Commerce and Finance, Amity University, NOIDA .

Dr. Rashmi Kumar

Ed.D. Specialist, STEM learning, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A

Dr. Grace Don Nameching

Assistant Professor, School of Extension and Development Studies (SOEDS), IGNOU. New Delhi

Dr. Indrajeet Dutta

Assistant Professor, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, CTE, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Priti Khanna

Rehabilitation Professional (Visual Impairment) at NAB (National Association for Blind), New Delhi.

Dr. Neeti Dutta

Assistant Professor, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, CTE, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Charu Saini

Senior Consultant, Department of Elementary Education (DEE), NCERT. New Delhi

Mr. S. C. Kaushik

Educationist, QCI & NDMC New Delhi

Ms. Apranta Somayaji

Councellor & Psychologist, Mental Health & Recovery New Delhi

Core Team


Dr. Shruti Shankar Gaur

Academician & Inclusive Education Enthusiast

Chief Strategist

Gopika Karol

Chief Strategist & Marketing Manager

Legal Advisor

Mr. Sushil Kumar Luthra

Advocate, Supreme Court of India and HLS Courts. Formerly Secretary, Indian Legal Service, Law Commission of India, Ministry of Law & Justice.

R & D Head

Ms. Surbhi Arora

Programme & Research

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