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BookEducation – Ishmael

by Dr. Shruti Shankar Gaur

Ishmael was suggested to me by my intern in the middle of a brainstorming session. She recommended it would answer many of my queries. It did. At the same time, it led to many more……that’s an indication of a good book. If you read and realize there’s more to know, more to uncover, more to discover……you have just touched the tip of an iceberg. It’s an omen.

Ishmael is for anyone out there, who wants to know:

–         What’s the common ‘Story of Creation’ across human civilization? What’s the flaw in it?

–         How the greatest good ‘Agricultural Revolution’ can turn out to be the greatest evil?

–         Why we have disconnected ourselves from every other species on the planet?

–         Why extinction of any species (be it plant or animal) eventually leads to the extinction of life including wo/man?

–         Why diversity is the key to survival?

–         How to save plants/ animals/ humans and the planet from humans?

Ishmael highlights the disconnect ‘WE’ are taught early in life. ‘WE’ are trained to be disconnected from nature, disconnected from all other beings, which eventually seeps as being disconnected from self. We @RIEDU always believe education must help everyone create a connection with ‘Self’. The issues raised by Ishmael will be resolved the moment ‘We’ become inclusive in our approach and build harmony with one and all including ourselves, every other human, plant, and animal on the planet. A simple yet profound solution

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