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INSPIRE: The Magical Fruit

Story by By Navya Nanda, 9 years, NOIDA, India

Once upon a time, there were three friends, Sofia, Julie, and Eva. They were searching for some magic as it was a buzz word in school and YouTube videos were flooded with the same. After searching hard on the web, they failed to find anything interesting. Eva said, “Can we explore it on our own? I mean outside in the world”. Julie replied, “Yes we can but we need a plan. Its 8:00 a.m. right now and Sofia your mom instructed to come at 7:45 a.m., so let’s plan to meet at 7:00 p.m. today”. They departed and said Bye to each other.

At 7:00p.m. they met at Julie’s house. Julie gave an idea to explore the magic in Jungle nearby. When they started for the jungle expedition, they heard their neighbour talking about the Magical fruit in Jungle which perhaps was Black Grapes. Hurray! they exclaimed with joy and marched steadily towards the jungle. Unfortunately, it was dark by then. They couldn’t find anything which looked similar to grapes. Disheartened, they came back by 10:00p.m.

Next Morning they decided to meet Julie’s neighbour, Mia. She was very kind-hearted and always ready to help. They asked her “Mia, we heard you talking about a magical fruit, do have any clue about it? Mia replied, Yes I can certainly help you as my grandma was a veteran in exploring old school magic from books. But she paused and said,” before that, you have to find two clues”. Girls took the message in a positive stride and wanted to keep this message to themselves. Julie said” Let’s meet at 3:00p.m. today and make a clue box. Sofia said” Yup! I am free at that time, so let’s fix the time of 3:00 p.m.”.  

They gathered and made a beautiful clue box of wood. They again went to the forest. This time Eva had an idea “Friends we can bite all fruits and see if anyone turns magical”. Sofia said, “No it’s only grape and it’s risky too”. Julie said, “Wait a minute; we have to find clue, not fruit”. After wandering for long they couldn’t find a clue and went back home. All took nap in the afternoon. In the evening, Julie’s mom purchased some fruits and brought home. Julie woke up, dragged herself to the dining table, and picked one grape from the bunch. She was still feeling so sleepy and in a half-dream, she said to herself” I want a magical spice”. Suddenly that grape in hand became a magical spice. With absolute delight, she rang Eva and Sophia and asked them to come. They were surprised to see the magic and secretly stored it in the clue box deep inside the refrigerator. Mia also turned up and warned them that “Dear friends, one bunch of grape is real and the other is fake magic, you have to find out”. Saying this, she went back to her place. The next morning, they went to the jungle with extreme curiosity. Sofia said to Eva” Your idea was not bad, let’s experiment with the grapes visible at first sight”. After searching hard, they found a tree laden with black grapes. With a delight, they started wishing with each grape in the palm. Each wished for the fruit to become a magical spice but they were gradually losing hope. One of the grape immediately turned into a magical spice. Alas! Said Sophia, with each casual bite, she was expecting it least. Now the girls went back home and took both the grapes to Mia. She said” Now we have to find out which one is real as only the real magical spice will make a delicious dish”, warned Mia. Mia told, “Keep both the grapes in front of you, close your eyes, and wish a magical spice. The one which turns to a spice first is the real Magical Spice”.  Eva tried and got surprised to see that the jungle grape turned out to be a magical spice.  All exclaimed “Hurray! We did it”. They made delicious pasta that evening. No wonder the secret was that magical spice.

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