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What does a girl want?

By Barminder Kaur, 9 years, New Delhi, India

      What does a girl want?

Well, it is hard to say that in a single sentence so I wrote an entire book on this topic. Let us see what all a girl wants in

Between the age of 0-9 years.

 Chapter 1                                   

All of us girls are born one day, knowing absolutely nothing about what is currently happening, in fact, we don’t even know a little bit about ourselves yet.  I had only 2 things to do: crying and sleeping. Everyone came to see me and visit my mom and said “oh cutie pie” or” you little sweet girl “etc. After a few years, the day came when I had to go to preschool. I was distraught and said, “mom don’t leave me “. ‘’What? Why are you glaring down at me I am just a little kid.’’

Chapter 2

 After a year it was time for me to shift from preschool to nursery – KG but this time I was at the zenith of my emotions to go to school, share a great camaraderie with other kids and learn the basics of education. I was a docile child so I wanted to learn more. My first day in preschool was completely a fiasco but my first day in kindergarten was superfluously brilliant. Fortunately, we got a very patient and amicable teacher who we adored very much. When I got into KG my fortune still worked and the same thing happened.

Chapter 3                              

Everything was going great and I was having a lot of fun and then 1st grade dropped by. This time I got a fun-loving teacher. Chiding us you ask, she never did so. She was very amicable and she liked a serene scene to enjoy always. She was the most caring teacher I’d ever had.

I mean that as a compliment, I liked her because I like people with a funny tooth.

 Chapter 4

Now it was time for 2nd grade to hit the start button. Actually, now is the time girls want stuff which is different than boy stuff. You know what, I want to share something with you. There’s a shop which sells bricks and cement. The bricks are your hobbies and the cement is your choice and liking. There’s a section from where you pick your brick and us girls pick it from the girly section but sometimes from the boys’ section too but things like your features, looks, beliefs, etc. are in a free section for girls and boys. The older you get, the more you get to know about your personality. The bricks and cement help you build your wall of personality, it expresses and explains who you are. This is all imaginary but it is still a great explanation for telling you about a personality.  Anyways, the school was just a fortnight away so I was griping to my mom for cute and pretty school supplies and she agreed. It was the next day and we were back from shopping already. This is a moment I want to share with you girls because that’s when I got to know about a ‘ unicorn ‘.         

I mean a unicorn as a pet is what every girl wants. Then when I came back I scampered towards my mom’s room, grabbed my mom’s laptop, and started researching about unicorns and boom, I got to know what is a unicorn. I was pretty elated at that time because I found the unicorn school supplies so enchanting that I chose unicorn to be my theme for school stationery even though I didn’t even know that horse was called a unicorn yet but I found the horse very captivating. Aaaah! (Sigh of relief) Themes remind me of something which happened between the ending of grade 2 and the start of grade 3. I know all of you gals want to know what happened. Well, then what are you waiting for? Read along.

Chapter 5

So, I heard that a throng of girls who were my age had started getting their own rooms. Some said they had a unicorn-themed room while the others said they had a princess themed room. I wanted a room too. Fortunately, my parents amicably agreed and I got my own room very soon but it caused me some problems too. First, it started out to be magical, girly and I was filled with mirth but soon a while after everyone started loving my room and never used to leave it. Well, my room is something I am literally obsessed with and I pine to be alone in it all the time. This is not because I am an independent person and hate being around people, it is because I want my friends to come & visit me, chillax with me in my room, and gossip. In fact, I like it if people keep me accompany. Everyone just liked the way I designed my room but it took me months to get a sublime room whereas the boys took less than a fortnight, 2 – 4 days actually to finish their room. Well, the girls in my opinion are definitely more artistic and creative than boys. (Sorry Mew, Max, and my dear Rags). 

Chapter 6   

Now it was the starting of grade 4 and a few weeks later this day I was looking at a video of Barbie and I noticed how beautiful she looked and how sublime her room was so I decided to give my room a makeover. I had already started. When it was time for my break from giving my room a makeover I started cleaning up and organizing my capacious cupboards. After this was done I scampered towards my wardrobe because I thought that always my mom decided what I should wear to parties,  weddings, at home, and other places but since this day I wanted to decide which clothes or accessories I wanted to wear. A few weeks later my room was clean and its makeover was finished. It had a copious amount of beauty. I was at the zenith of my emotions and felt ebullient to have such a cerebral mind for crafts and garnishing interior. Everyone loved my room. Then I shrugged off some compliments and went to the kitchen to get some fruits. Of course, I did not have any fats, I was on diet and was doing some intense workout which means I can eat fats only on Sundays or Saturdays.  3 – 4 months later I was pining for makeup and guess what some makeup was given to me a few weeks later. It was fantabulous but girls I noticed a few secret things. Shhh, we are going to discuss them covertly, come on the flip the pages all the way to the page number (whatever the page no. is).

To Be Continued……..

Penned By Barminder Kaur



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