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Dreams #NaPoWriMo #Day1


Dr. Shruti Shankar Gaur,

#NaPoWriMo #2022 #30poems30days,

1st April 2022 #Day1

I don’t have any dreams”, she said.

Then you aren’t alive”, I replied.

She stared at me,

Or should I put glared at me,

That expressionless look,

As if I was a crook.

I couldn’t be moved,

Instead, I looked straight into her eyes,

The gateway to her soul,

To check what’s there to hide,

And what’s dead inside.

What I saw amazed me,

There were dreams,

Lots and lots of dreams,

Tied and handcuffed,

Maimed and cut,

Bleeding & pleading

Waiting to be set free.

Ah! You do have dreams

Why not bring them to this realm?

She cringed and receded.

Instantly, I proceeded,

Embracing her with love and warmth,

Telling her, its fine, there’s no harm.

Take them out,

Announce clear and loud,


They are there for a reason,

Not just for a season,

Your own unique genetic code,

Which you live to decode

It will set you free,

You will feel alive as you have never been.

She looked up, as if she was in a dream,

I smiled delivering the message from the supreme,

She lit up, and closing her eyes,

She delved inside,

Greeting her desires and dreams

For the first time in years, it seemed.

I stepped back,

Work accomplished”, I said.

Whistling my way ahead,

To find a new one with the dreams dead.

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