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Art(Painting/ drawing/ Doodling) of War Contest

Contest No. P17422

Express Yourself!!!!

Contest Name: Art(Painting/ drawing/ Doodling) of War

Topic: Apathy of War

Age: 10-17 years (Both Inclusive)

Last Date: 3rd May 2022 ( By 12 pm GMT)

Prize: Amazon Gift Vouchers

First Prize: 500 INR (7 US Dollars)

Second Prize: 250 INR (3 US Dollars)

Third Prize: 250 INR (3 US Dollars)


In the wake of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, through our contests, we want our children to express war by painting, doodling, or drawing it. We are curious to view, how the child of today sitting in the comfort of home views it. By painting the ‘Apathy of War’ we increase the awareness of the havoc it causes. Through the contest teens and pre-teens, will develop empathy and understand that we all are connected.

We value originality & creativity more than perfection. Every entry is judged with respect to the following criteria: child’s age/class, originality & creativity. The art can be colored or black & white. It can be a drawing/ doodling/ painting. Describe the art submitted in two lines.

How to Apply:

Click the link below to fill out the form and upload the entry:

Terms & Conditions i) The contest is open to any child in the world between 10-17 years of age (both inclusive) irrespective of gender, race, region, country, religion, language, caste, ability or disability. We recognize the originality of a child’s thought and value the creative imagination more than perfection.

ii)Entries must not have been previously published in any form. iii) Like & Follow RIEDU Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn / Twitter page for contest announcement, updates & results

iv) Submit the name, age, class, state/country, gender, disability (if any), hobbies & photo of the young participant along with the entry in Google form.

v) The art entry must be uploaded in pdf/ PNG/ JPEJ format and the file must be saved with the participant’s name.

vi)Describe the painting uploaded in 2-3 lines.

vi) All the entries will be the property of RIEDU once submitted and can be used for promotional & publishing purposes.


ix) Failure to meet the conditions of entry will mean that submission is automatically disqualified from the competition.

x) To win a free sample e-magazine for children from RIEDU, share this contest post on social media tagging us. Take a screenshot of your social media wall and mail it to with the subject free sample magazine. You will receive a sample e-magazine in the inbox.

xi) For any query, mail us at or


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