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Bobbee Bee – RIEDU’s Inspire Series Story of BEE

RIEDU’s Inspire Series – Story of BEE

Story 1 – Bobbee BEE

By Prisha Gaur, 12 Years, Class 8, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, India

There was a little bee, whose name was Bobbee. Every morning, he and his hundreds of sisters would watch the adult bees go for work and return in the evening, while his brothers slept till the evening. He loved watching the worker bees and couldn’t wait to grow up and be one of them. But he didn’t think about one small thing: male bees can’t work.

When he woke up one morning, he found that his sisters were already dressed and off to visit the queen bee. One of them told him that they were going to learn the work of going out to collect nectar. Neither he nor his brothers were invited. Still, he went to the queen with his sisters.

The queen told him he couldn’t work as he was a male. He was so sad! He asked her, “But your majesty! What about Gender equality? I have been watching the worker bees go out to work since I was a baby. You don’t need to teach me, just let me go to work!”

“Bobbee, I am sorry, but I can’t let you go to work. You don’t have a stinger to protect yourself. So many bees are dying just like that. It would be wrong of me to send you out there to die.”

Bobbee was so disappointed.  He couldn’t just let it go without trying.

That night he asked his sister about everything. Lucky for him, she didn’t miss a thing.

The following morning, He sneaked out with the females and he was fascinated by how beautiful the world was! He almost forgot to follow the females.

Bobbee learned how to suck the nectar and went from one flower to another. The flowers were so colorful and pretty. He almost got caught in a Venus flytrap, but he managed to escape.

When he went home, the queen bee was staring daggers at him. “I told you not to go out. It was dangerous. You could have died!”

“Why don’t you understand?” The Queen bee continued, “Every bee in our hive has a role to play. Everyone works in their own way.”

“I am sorry for breaking the law, but I couldn’t stop myself. But I survived! Look at me, good and healthy. And I got us a lot of nectar too!”

Queen bee frowned. Just then her aide whispered something in her ear. “My lady, Bobbee may be a male bee but my sources tell me he was exceptional today. Why not bend the rules a little. Let the criteria not be gender-based but that of capabilities and interests. Let’s move with the time.”   

Bobbee saw Queen bee’s eyes narrowing. She picked her sword and placed it on his shoulder. He closed his eyes knowing, it’s the end.

“Bobbee, you have proven yourself very useful. Alright then, I declare you, Bobbee Bee, as the First Male Worker Bee”, said the queen. He couldn’t believe that! His dream was finally true!

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