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Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur's Book Review of 'Wintering' by Katherine May I am a summer baby I love the sun And I am not much pally with winter... More

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Are we Aware?

Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur & Dr Shobhit Wadhwa While I was busy reading the book ‘Universal Human Rights by Jack Donnelly, my niece came and... More

The Two Schools

What makes a good school Observe the stories we share with our friends Is there any story on how much we enjoyed learning trigonometry or Light In... More

The Sunset of the Century- Rabindranath Tagore Written on 31st December 1899, Translated from Bengali, Book Nationalism (page 117-119)

I The last sun of the century sets amidst the blood-red clouds of the West and the whirlwind of hatred The naked passion of self-love... More

Marshmallow Volume 1

How do we instill Kindness & Empathy among Children How do we motivate them to be kind How do we develop young minds with a strong character How... More

Make Education Relevant and Effective: Community-Referenced Curriculum and Instruction

David Baine, PhD Professor emeritus, Educational Psychology, University of Alberta, Canada Community-referenced curricula and instruction... More

Gandhi & Inclusion – Part III Satyagraha: The Soul Force

Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur The article is adapted from the interview of Gandhi published in Hindi Swaraj where Gandhi was the editor (retrieved from... More

Gandhi & Inclusion – Part II Tear down the Purdah

Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur What is feminism Google identifies feminism as a noun, which means the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of gender... More

Gandhi & Inclusion – Part I Our Shame

Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur What is our shame as an individual What is our shame as an Indian What is our shame as a global citizen The shame is that... More

Education of the Capitalistic Economy

Seriously!!!! That’s what came to my mind as the sponsored post popped up at my Facebook wall The video began with a touchy tagline- “She... More

Dreams #NaPoWriMo #Day1

Dreams Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur, #NaPoWriMo #2022 #30poems30days, 1st April 2022 #Day1 “I don’t have any... More

Daniel Quinn’s Providence – The Mashup

By Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur This isn’t a book review Instead, its life review of Daniel Quinn by me Here I am exploring only the first half of... More


Contest I – PARAGRAPH WRITING CONTESTEXPRESS YOURSELF“What does Artificial Intelligence mean to you”Word Limit: Not more than 200 wordsAge:... More

Bookeducation: Richard Basch’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur I picked it from the old shelves; the book was still warm as it was twenty years ago when I had read it as a schoolgirl... More

BookEducation – Unfinished

By Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur It had been a long day & I was completely drained I was in no mood to open my laptop or to continue the book,... More

BookEducation – Ishmael

by Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur Ishmael was suggested to me by my intern in the middle of a brainstorming session She recommended it would answer many... More

BookEducation – 1984 (George Orwell)

By: Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur Reading a George Orwell book is DANGEROUS 1984 is no different In his typical critique style, Orwell knitted... More

A Gratitude Letter To My Teacher – Mrs. Usha Jain

I am a blessed soul Why do I say so Time and again, somehow, amazing human beings have entered my life and altered the thought process, thus,... More


by Dr Shruti Shankar Gaur Isn’t the title of this book astounding! If you ever get to read Daniel Quinn, this one line defines him wholly He is... More

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