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About Children’s Book:

RIEDU started with a dream. Our own research & Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Test Reports depicted a global decrease in age-appropriate reading and writing comprehension levels among children. We at RIEDU consider it a dangerous sign. As George Orwell said, “People, who can’t write well, can’t think well and those who can’t think, someone else will think for them”. The quest to find a solution to the issue, led us to create Pole Star : our In-house research-based publication for children formulated from United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.7. Thus, Pole Star is not an ordinary children’s book. Pole Star is a movement. It is a research based children’s book that aims to nurture the future scions into human beings to build an inclusive world of peace, love, brotherhood, equality & justice.

While creating the Pole Star, another question arose: How do we involve children as active participants in our publication? How to empower them as leaders? How to develop critical thinking? How to imbibe an inclusive approach of the world? Thus, emerged the esteemed position of ‘Young Editors’ an Inclusive Editorial Board comprising of children in the age group of 8-15 years from across the globe. They all are super talented bunch of kids unique in age, gender, color, religion, region, language, ability, and disability selected through our various writing & painting contests that we run on our social media. Every ‘Young Editor’ is loved and celebrated. Thus, each volume of Pole Star is created of, for & by the children.

Introducing: The Marshmallow Editorial Board

Dr. Shruti Shankar Gaur, Editor

Founder, RIEDU. Dr. Shruti is an academician and an Inclusive Education enthusiast. She has been actively involved in publishing papers in research journals, chapters in books published by Sage Publications and SCERT as well as reviewing and editing books. The University Gold medallist, recipient of Certificate of Academic Excellence by Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Government of India and being nominated for Shiksha Rattan Award, Dr.Shruti is the storehouse of energy, motivator, mentor and the power behind RIEDU. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by stories and often was engrossed reading one. She believes that each one’s life is a story in progression, with its unique twists and turns.

Ms. Surbhi Arora, Editor

Ms. Surbhi Arora works as Vice President at Blackrock, San Francisco, USA. She is an inclusion and diversity enthusiast, and leads many initiatives at both workplace and outside. In addition, she actively volunteers for charities in the Bay area, specifically focussing on creating opportunities for the youth coming from low-income groups in the corporate sector. She also enjoys leading the Technology Events and Hackathons at her workplace. Being a mother of two beautiful girls, she is committed to children’s education and hence is closely involved. She happily volunteers at the school district and is also involved in teaching coding to kids. Surbhi is an avid reader and loves to write for her own blog and various online portals, focused on women’s rights. httpss://

Shraddha Gupta, Collaborator

Founder, Storee Ki Boree: The Children’s Theatre Group. Shraddha is a theatre enthusiast who loves to work with the most impacted and impactful: Children. Her roots in theatre go back to the days when she worked with Manzil, a non-profit organization for underprivileged children in India. After witnessing the power storytelling has on children, and realizing the need for inspiring a love for learning among children, she became a social entrepreneur and created Storee Ki Boree in 2014. Be it a role of envisioning the concept, designing the production, getting the team together, or even acting, Shraddha leaves no stone unturned to make it a one-of-its-kind experience; both for children and adults. With The Marshmallow, the storyteller becomes the story writer.

Gopika Karol, Chief Strategist, RIEDU

A born storyteller and dreamer. She enjoys creative processes be it stories, content, art, pictures, performances……the list is long. She is masters in Mass Communications, lives in Boston and by profession specializes in Corporate Communications and Social Media design and content. She has received several awards at the national & international platforms in the field of art, dramatics, dance, and elocution. She is a budding Photographer and enjoys choreographing as well.

Vasudha Kapoor Duggal, Reviewer & Quiz Master

An alumnus of Loreto Convent Kolkata, Vasudha graduated in Political Science from Kolkata University and did her Management from IGNOU. She has a rich corporate experience of more than 25 years across four leading private companies and an MNC. She has worked in varied roles spanning different functions such as programming, EDP, Quality, Business Operations, Marketing, SMB Direct Business and Contact Center. She took an early retirement from her corporate career to pursue other interests like writing, reading, teaching, learning a new language and also working in the social sector. Creating quizzes & puzzles is her passion. Vasudha brings a rich experience on board with her uncanny approach & the razor sharp eyes don’t miss a beat when it comes to reviewing critically.

Introducing Eyra: The Mashmallow’s Mascot

Hellooo to all The Young Readers. I am Eyra. I am twelve years old. Like all twelve year olds, I am learning and absorbing the world around. Exploring new places and people fascinate me. I share a secret with you, I love to travel. Whenever I visit a place with my family; I research all about it beforehand and often drag them to the least visited shores. Ya, ya they initially crib that I always hijack their travelling plans but at the end they are happy that I do. You know what I believe ‘Parents are actually babies from another timeline’. It’s surreal, right?

Through The Pole Star, together we shall embark upon a remarkable journey of stories; learn about fascinating great souls that graced this planet, the places to visit (my most favourite thing!!!!) and interview extraordinary among the ordinary.

Marshmallow Volume I

How do we instill Kindness & Empathy among Children? How do we motivate them to be kind? How do we develop young minds with a strong character? How can we nurture the impressionable minds to imbibe the virtues of Humane Value?

Help your children read and develop social-emotional skills through ‘The Marshmallow’ Issue I. Avail the grand discount. The e-version of ‘The Marshmallow’ Issue I costs Indian Rupee 100 or US $ 2 whichever applicable. To avail the annual subscription or hard copy mail us at: or


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